Online Chinese Dating is a Great Tool to Find Chinese Singles

So you agree with your parents that you should settle down with a Chinese American, or someone of Chinese heritage. Or maybe you just want to date someone from China because you’re fascinated by the culture, or you simply like the looks of a Chinese man or woman.

Whatever the reason for seeking a Chinese mate, it’s never been easier to find someone from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Americans of Chinese descent, thanks to the Internet. The problem, though, is finding the right Web site tailored to your needs.

Among the English language Web sites, there are a slew of companies offering to connect American men with Chinese women for love, marriage and flings.


Then there are sites that sites that cater to both men and women from China to find romance online. Many are American men looking for women in China, but there are also quite a few Chinese women registered looking for either non-Chinese or Chinese men.

Another option is looking for sites that are open to both men and women of Chinese descent looking to be paired up with one another. There are also a number of sites that focus on those from particular provinces, from Guangdong to Shenzhen. Those who are willing to look more broadly across Asia can register with sites that are sub-divided by national origin, such as China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Of course, there are always sites that cater to a broad U.S. audience that can do the ethnic matching for you. A number of well-known online matchmakers are noted for matching people only of the same religion and ethnic group. So if you’re Presbyterian Chinese American looking for a fellow Presbyterian Chinese American, those are the places to go.

Wherever you go in cyberspace, be prepared to pay anywhere upwards of $20US to register, and it’s most likely that you will have to take an online personality test to see if you are compatible with someone they already have on the books. Sometimes, people are rejected outright as the companies see them to be difficult to pair up. Don’t be discourage if that happens, though. It’s common enough, and love is eventually bound to come your way. Good luck and happy hunting!

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