You have the dream. The fantasy. In quiet moments, you sit and wonder when she will come into your life. You have a picture of her in your mind. You have thoughts about her. Sharing some time together walking in the park. Introducing her to your way of life. Learning about her culture and its intricacies. Have you thought about introducing her to Western food? What about sharing a Chinese delicacy in a local Chinese restaurant – or even going to her home town and experiencing the flavors and the fantastic and exotic tastes of China? But, hold on. The first step is actually finding the girl. Without that special girl at your side and in your life, you’ll never get a chance to experience all of the rest. As the ancient Chinese poet said: “The longest journey begins with a single step”. Are you ready to take it? Let’s begin by looking at some options.

If you live in the West, perhaps there are many Chinese girls around you. After all, millions and millions of Chinese people live all over the world. Even if they were born and raised near you, the local Chinese community may be the first place to start. However, one possible drawback is that you may not be introducing her to the West. She is already there. You also may find Chinese ladies that have many opportunities to meet Western men, but they decline to do so for many reasons. How are you guaranteed to find someone interested in dating someone just like you?

Your best option may be to meet Chinese girls online. This may include girls that live locally near you who prefer to date Western men. You’ll also find girls that live abroad – probably in China – and want to meet Western men and perhaps even marry. The beauty of finding Chinese girls online for dating is the fact that they may be very near you, but you don’t even know it. Like the neighbor who has a bicycle for sale. You may never know it unless he parks it on his lawn with a sign saying: “For Sale”. Of course this kind of advertising doesn’t apply when we want to find someone to date, so we need other resources.

There are many wonderful Chinese Dating websites that cater to people just like you who want to find a Chinese girl for dating, but you may be a bit shy – and may not be too familiar with all the dos and don’ts of meeting a Chinese girl. Try visiting a few sites and see what is required. Some will have a fee and others will not. Sometimes it is worth spending a few dollars to get some good service. You wouldn’t expect to walk into a restaurant and get a good meal for free, would you? Look for the quality sites that advertise and appear professional. Once you take the first step, you may start living your dreams before you can say: “Ni Hao”.

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