Chinese Dating for the Determined

There may be some real barriers to meeting and dating a Chinese girls, but if you’re determined to get that girl, nothing will get in your way. They say the early bird gets the worm. This is true. You need to take action fast and early, but you also need to work through some barriers that may be in your mind. But don’t get discouraged and give up. The determined get the prize while others just watch and dream. There are services and web sites that can make your objective much easier to reach. But the odds are on your side.

The topic of Chinese dating worldwide has become more and more in the news and the conversations of people everywhere. Some are enjoying their Chinese bride today. Others may be dating several Chinese girls. It is your choice. What will your first Chinese date be like? Will she be everything you wanted and more? Will you fantasies come true? Will all your fears and anxieties melt away? This is something you will never find out unless you get in the game. The Chinese dating game.

The Shyness Barrier

If you’re a bit on the shy side, don’t let that get in your way. Shyness can mean that you truly value this process. You don’t want to make any mistakes and you also value highly, the girl you want to meet. This is all good. In contrast with Chinese men, Western men are usually more modest and humble. The Chinese act very modest and practice saying things that sound good to the ear. They call this ‘sweet words’. In reality, it is all a lie. The Chinese men are taught to be very confident. When they hear Westerners speak with confidence, it is called arrogance. So, although the Chinese man may have studied carefully how to speak in a modest fashion, it is wasted on most women. They know the truth.

Women prefer the modest and humble man that speaks more directly and sincerely. At least an additional 20 to 30 percent of all Chinese women would select a Western man over a Chinese man for this reason alone. But, they are prevented because of their culture. In fact, the negative stories told about Western men are constantly spread to Chinese women to make them afraid. The Chinese man has a basic insecurity when they find how many Chinese women aren’t interested in them and how few Western women want a Chinese man. So once again, the odds are on your side – shy or not.

Fear of the Unknown

There can also be a lot of concern when it comes to an unknown culture. If you meet a Chinese girl, how should you behave? Will you do the wrong thing and make her angry?

Will you scare her off?

Will she find you inadequate in some way? It need not be said, but Chinese women are the same as any other woman at the core. Therefore, dating Chinese women will be basically the same. It is true that there are some real differences in behavior and beliefs you should be aware of, but once you have the basics down, you’ll see how a woman is a woman not matter the country of origin or the race.
You may want to check out some of the other articles on this site and pick up a book or two. The better prepared you are, the better your chances of early success. Once you do get to know the Chinese mind set and rules and regulations, you must forget it all. Why? This helps you to keep an open mind about the person you meet. She may not fit the stereotype at all and this may surprise you. So, enter the situation well-informed, but be ready for anything. This way, you’ll have the background knowledge if something comes up and won’t need a lesson in Chinese culture. A lesson is something that your Chinese friend may not be ready to give you.


If you’re ready to make a move and get this show on the road, a Chinese dating site will be a great place to start. A Chinese dating service can also be a great way to break the ice and get the ball rolling. There are many Chinese dating sites, so pick one you feel is right for you. Sometimes free is good, but sometimes you will also get what you pay for – in the end. There are also many places where you can chat with Chinese girls dating Western men and get to know a few.

Be sure and know in advance what you are looking for in a Chinese woman and what you are willing to change about your lifestyle. This is the same for all women you may meet, but Chinese girls in general can be a bit old-fashioned and have a strong focus on the traditional family structure. It is sometimes all they know and they may consider anything else to be wrong without really thinking it through. So be prepared for questions about marriage. Traditional Chinese women are keen on marriage and it is still more the exception that understands the value of dating.

In Summary

Remember that if you are determined, you will get results. The responsibility lies on your shoulders, though. You can lose it all when you sit on the sidelines and let others take action. This is a sad truth about love and life. The good news is that there is a great potential for finding a wonderful Chinese girls to date and enjoy. This is a great time because more and more people are getting comfortable with meeting others on line and reaching beyond their local borders and meeting on an international level. Don’t let logistics or shyness or fear of the unknown get in your way. If you let a strong determination drive you, you will be sure to get results.

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