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Those looking for Chinese Dating Advice will be happy to learn what we have to say here. Not only do we deal with Chinese dating worldwide, but we mention a few things about going out on a Chinese date and dating Chinese women in general. One thing worth focusing on when considering Chinese dating, is the differences and similarities between western and eastern cultures. If your potential partner has grown up in China, there will definitely be some differences in habits and behavior. If she grew up in the West, there may still be some real differences.

One key difference that may impact your approach to dating a Chinese girl is your intentions. Maybe you feel your intention is very simple – you intend to date. With someone from the Chinese culture, this is probably nowhere near specific enough. With a Western girl, you can probably do what you like and make decisions as the relationship progresses. She will do the same. The man is not the decider and the woman takes upon herself more responsibility about how the relationship will progress.

A Chinese girl that lives deeply within her culture may expect marriage within a year or less unless you make your intentions known. If you do say that marriage may not be an option or that you haven’t considered it and may not even consider it anytime soon, you may lose her. Even worse – if you don’t mention it – she may think that the more time you are together means for sure you will stay together. As in marriage.

Another thing you want to consider when dating a Chinese girl is public displays of affection and the concept of ‘face’. Normally, you shouldn’t hug, kiss or even hold hands in public. Your girl may be a tiger in the bedroom or behind closed doors, but she will fight you off in public and she will mean it. The Chinese have a very strong concept of appearance. Regardless of the truth behind things, what others really know, and the obvious reality of things, they want to appear a certain way to the rest of the world. Even close friends and family are part of this deception. If you play along, it might just save the relationship.

Whether you found your Chinese girl from Chinese dating sites or a Chinese dating service, she still may be very conservative or liberal. She’ll also think some things about you that may not be true at all. The Chinese in China are taught from a young age that promiscuity is rampant in the West and most of what they see in the movies is true. It won’t take her long to see that most Western people are much more conservative than the Chinese in general.

This is mostly because there are very few religious people in China. Their greatest focus is on prosperity. So, if you are prosperous, this is a major attraction for countless Chinese women.
So, remember, these words of Chinese Dating advice. Think about your intentions in advance. Be sensitive to how strong the Chinese culture resides in her heart and try to be open to whatever surprises that might come along. True love and patience can get you through many challenges.

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